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Seminar WS 2015/2016: New User Interfaces for Human-Robot Collaboration


Usually industrial robots are kept in secured environments, e.g. cages, to protect human workers from injuries and accidents in general. In contrast to this, so called cooperative robots are designed to (often literally) work hand in hand with humans. In order to do this without risk, cobots must be aware of their surroundings and of actions of human workers. In this practical seminar you will gain hands-on experience with actual robots, newest sensor technologies and software components, and you will combine them to realize cobot scenarios.


Lecturers: Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster, Mohammad Mehdi Moniri
Times: Wednesdays 10:15-11:45 a.m.
Kick-off: Wednesday, 21st of October 2015, 10:15 a.m.
Room: Room Reuse, DFKI
Language: German/English
Leistungspunkte: 7 (Seminar)


  • Office hours: 11:45 - 12:30 (daily) in DFKI, room +2.09

  • There are no meetings on 4.11.2015 and 11.11.2015.

Important Dates

  • Concept presentation: 18.11.2015
  • Milestone 1 presentation: 16.12.2015
  • Milestone 2 presentation: 20.01.2016
  • Final presentation: end of January 2016
  • Video submission: 15.02.2016


Group Students
Eye-Tracking Group 1 Fabian Spaniol
Thorsten Schamper
Felix Scherzinger
Eye-Tracking Group 2 Nukhayev Maxat
Tural Mammadov
Furkat Kochkarov
Object Recognition Group 1 Jonas Hempel
Andreas Fey
Nicklas Linz
Object Recognition Group 2 Syed Mehran Hussain
Nirmal Kumar Ramadoss
Dennis GroƟ
AR vs. VR Group Caspar Jacob
Satabdi Ganguly
Tiyash Basu


Requirements to sucessfully gain a certificate

  • Giving following presentations:
    • Concept of the project (20 minutes talk + 10 minutes discussion)
    • First milestone of the project (20 minutes talk + 10 minutes discussion)
    • Second milestone of the project (20 minutes talk+ 10 minutes discussion)
    • Final project presentation (10 minutes Talk + 20 minutes live project presentation)
  • Successfully finishing the assigned project in the determined deadlines
  • Submitting a video about the assigned project (Length: 90 Seconds)
  • Active participation in discussions during the seminar meetings
  • Being present at all seminar meetings


  • Object pose/position recognition with depth sensor.
  • Eye tracking for visual reference resolution.
  • Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality


Mohammad Mehdi Moniri
Building D3 2, room +2.09
email: moniri(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-85775-5264