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Seminar WS 2007/08: Advances in Human Computer Interaction


Deadline for reports: 14.3 - Check new section Reports for details.


The ways in which humans communicate with computers have changed dramatically in the past few years. A compelling example of a new interaction paradigm is Microsoft Surface.
In general, advanced interaction metaphors rely on new concepts, models, and technologies that have to be designed, investigated, or adopted from other research disciplines.

The talks are organized in the following topic clusters:
  • Smart Objects and Tangible Interfaces
  • Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence
  • Affective Computing and Virtual Characters
  • Multi-Modal Interaction and Dialog Systems
The seminar's aim is to discuss concepts, models and technologies used for advances in human computer interaction. As a result, the participants get a broad overview of advanced HCI research.

General Requirements

Good command of English for understanding research papers. Most of the discussed papers are written in English.

Study qualifications: a successfully finished lecture in the area of AI or an intermediate degree (Vordiplom) or bachelor in computer science.

Requirements for Certificates

A seminar certificate has the following requirements:

  • Regular attendance.
  • A talk (English, 30-35 minutes, 10 minutes discussion).
  • A report (English) that covers the facts addressed in the talk and the related discussion.
  • Participant should be in the role of the discussion manager for one talk.


Language of reports: Englisch

Deadline: 14.3.08

Size: 10-15 pages

Format: file format is PDF, page style is LNCS, which can be found on the LNCS springer web page. Start with the Default Author Instructions file. This is also an example how the LNCS style looks.

General requirements - reports should:

  • be understandable and well formatted!
  • cover the individual topic of the talk, questions that have been arised during the discussions, and they should address relevant issues of other talks.

Reports reviewed until: 31.3.08 - Beginning by this date each supervisior contacts his students for individual feedback.

Final deadline: 10 days after feedback is given. This ensures that everybody has the same time to finalize the report after s/he has received feedback.

  • Reports can be also submitted before the announced deadline.
  • Please remember that reports have to be in final state when submitted!


Language of talks: Englisch

Date: every Thursday, 16 c.t. - 18, no talks at 20.12 and 21.02

Location: Seminar room II (H 04) in the math building E 2 5, basement

Kick-Off meeting and talk assignment: Thursday, October 25th, 16 c.t


The list below shows all talks and their assigned lecturer and chair.
Note: Some of the literature can only be downloaded from a computer that has an internet address of the Saarland University. In case of problemes please contact your supervisor.


Patrick Gebhard
building E1 1, room 119.2
email: gebhard(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-302-3393
Michael Kipp
building D3 2, room +2.08
email: kipp(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-302-5387
Martin Rumpler
building D3 1, room C.22
email: rumpler(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-302-5269
Michael Schmitz
building E1 1, room 124
email: schmitz(at)cs.uni-sb.de
phone: 0681-302-3496

Additional Info

Bachelor's and master's thesis, HiWi jobs ...

Subsequent to a successfully mastered seminar a bachelor's and master's thesis as well as a HiWi job can be offered.

About a talk

Giving a talk.