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Blockseminar: Mixed Reality Applications for Human-Robot Collaboration

In this seminar students will work on systems which enable collaboration of a hybrid teams consisting of a robot, physically present humans and remote humans, where the latter are connected via Virtual Reality or traditional office devices. The system spans the whole continuum between Physical and Virtual Reality, including Augmented Reality. The students will actively develop these systems and demonstrate how such scattered, hybrid teams can interact and cooperate in a virtual representation of a factory (Digital 3D Factory), using head-, hand- and gesture-tracking as multimodal control and communication input.

On the Info day you can get extra information about the seminar (and ask questions etc.). This website will be updated regularly.


  • The seminar has place for 15 participants: 3 teams of (up to) 5 people.
  • The Q&A session will be on 05.08, in DFKI - room -2.17 (Reuse), from 14:00 to 14:50
  • There will be a 30 minute crash course about TECS on 16.08 (Time and place TBA)
  • Check this link for inspiration!
  • Check also this video about humans and robots working together.

Info day

29.07.2016 14:15 Uhr
DFKI - room -2.17 (Reuse)
Seminar date: End of August


In the seminar you will work with following software and hardware:

The seminar has place for 15 participants: 3 teams of (up to) 5 people. You have to form your group yourself. Each group (4 or 5 participants) will work on one hybrid application. This application includes AR, VR, Robotics, etc. (all the mentioned software and hardware above).

The criteria for the final grade are the following:

  • Robustness of the implemented solution
  • Innovation in the designed interactions/features
  • Quality of presentations (there will be several)
  • Quality of the final video



Mohammad Mehdi Moniri
Building D3 2, room +2.09
email: moniri(a|t)dfki.de
phone: 0681-85775-5264