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Proseminar / Seminar SS 2015: Cobots - Cooperative Robots


Usually industrial robots are kept in secured environments, e.g. cages, to protect human workers from injuries and accidents in general. In contrast to this, so called cooperative robots or Cobots are designed to (often literally) work hand in hand with humans. In order to do this without risk, cobots must be aware of their surroundings and of actions of human workers. In this practical proseminar/seminar you will gain hands-on experience with actual robots, newest sensor technologies and software components, and you will combine them to realize cobot scenarios.


Lecturers: Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster, Prof. Philipp Slusallek, Bernd Kiefer, Tim Schwartz, Mehdi Moniri, Christian Bürckert, Gerrit Kahl, Ingo Zinnikus
Times: Tuesdays 10-12 a.m.
Kick-off: Tuesday, 21st of April 2015, 10 a.m. c.t.
Room: Seminar-room 015, Building E1 3
Language: english
Leistungspunkte: 5 (Proseminar), 7 (Seminar)

The list of practical projects will be presented during the kick-off meeting. If you want to participate, you will have to be present at this meeting. The overall number of participants is limited to 20 students.


  • Detailed schedule for final presentations

  • Information about the final presentations
  • Final presentations will be on the 21st of August from 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00. That way you will have some time for your exams.
    You must participate at all presentations and it will be organized like a small conference.

  • The presentation on 16.06.2015 will be in DFKI D3 4 (Neubau), Room +2.31 (Turing II). It is NOT obligatory to take part in this presentation (you can if you like!), instead you can use this time to concentrate on your project!

Final Presentation Schedule (21/08/2015)

The final presentation will take place in the DFKI's visualization room for the presentations and the show room for the demonstrations. Both rooms are situated in the new DFKI building (right from the main entrance). The show room is reserved for us starting from monday the 17th to friday the 21st to prepare the demos and test them. Baxter will be there starting monday.

On the presentation date we have two main timeslots: 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:30. In each timeslot roughly one hour is reserved for presentations and the other for demos. Each group should present their work in a few slides and has 7 minutes for this presentation. The slides should prepare the audience for the demo and give them some background information. The five groups working with Baxter will show their demos at appropriate times for rearranging the scenario. Groups using an external demonstration area (ZeMa, IRL, ...) should discuss the demos with their supervisors.

Time Group Tutor
10:00-10:07 Presentation Focus Baxter 1 Mehdi
10:10-10:17 Presentation Focus ZeMA 1 Mehdi
10:20-10:27 Presentation Focus ZeMA 2 Mehdi
10:30-10:37 Presentation Robot Visualization Ingo
10:40-10:47 Presentation Human Visualization Ingo
10:50-10:57 Presentation Focus Baxter 2 Mehdi
11:00-11:07 Demo Focus Baxter 1 Mehdi
11:10-11:17 Demo Focus ZeMA 1 Mehdi
11:20-11:27 Demo Focus ZeMA 2 Mehdi
11:30-11:37 Demo Robot Visualization Ingo
11:40-11:47 Demo Human Visualization Ingo
11:50-11:57 Demo Focus Baxter 2 Mehdi
12:00-14:00 Lunch + Alterations
14:00-14:07 Presentation Proactive 1 Christian
14:10-14:17 Presentation RDF Motion Capture Klaus
14:20-14:27 Presentation Telepresence Gerrit
14:30-14:37 Presentation Proactive 2 Christian
14:40-14:47 Presentation Robot Navigation Bernd
14:50-14:57 Presentation Proactive 3 Christian
15:00-15:07 Demo Proactive 1 Christian
15:10-15:17 Demo RDF Motion Capture Klaus
15:20-15:27 Demo Telepresence Gerrit
15:30-15:37 Demo Proactive 2 Christian
15:40-15:47 Demo Robot Navigation Bernd
15:50-15:57 Demo Proactive 3 Christian

If you see any problems within this schedule, please write an email to Tim or contact your tutor

Presentation Schedule

Group Date Time
Focus (Group 4) 26.05.2015 10:00 (18 minutes presentation + 7 minutes discussion)
Focus (Group 2) 26.05.2015 10:25 (18 minutes presentation + 7 minutes discussion)
Focus (Group 3) 26.05.2015 10:50 (22 minutes presentation + 8 minutes discussion)
Focus (Group 1) 26.05.2015 11:20 (14 minutes presentation + 6 minutes discussion)
Navigation Topic A 02.06.2015 10:00 (20 minutes presentation and discussion)
Navigation Topic B 02.06.2015 10:20 (20 minutes presentation and discussion)
Navigation Topic C 02.06.2015 10:40 (20 minutes presentation and discussion)
Proactive Group 1 02.06.2015 11:00 (25 minutes presentation and discussion)
Proactive Group 2 02.06.2015 11:25 (25 minutes presentation and discussion)
RDF for Motion Capture 09.06.2015 10:00 (25 minutes presentation and discussion)
Robot Visualization 09.06.2015 10:25 (25 minutes presentation and discussion)
Human Skeleton Visualization 09.06.2015 10:50 (25 minutes presentation and discussion)
Telepresence 09.06.2015 11:15 (25 minutes presentation and discussion)
Proactive Group 3 09.06.2015 11:40 (25 minutes presentation and discussion)


Group Students Tutor
Navigation (Group A) Luise Odenthal
Dominic Buchheit
Peter Wita
Navigation (Group B) Vikram Narayanan
Tian bhiang Chan
Sataldi Ganguly
Telepresence Dennis Nikolay
Mark Schuegraf
Janosch Gräf
Robot Visualisation Fabian Ritter
Fabian Kunze
Gereon Fox
Human Skeleton Visualisation Magdalena Kaiser
Michael Hedderich
Guillermo Reyes
Dushyant Mehta
RDF for Motion Capture Kyrill Pugatschewski
Fabio Paulus
Margarita Chikobava
Proactive (Group 1) Vanessa Hahn
Marc Schweig
Artem Perlov
Proactive (Group 2) Tural Mammodov
Umidjon Urunov
Maxat Nukhayev
Proactive (Group 3) Tina Finkler
Julian Wolter
Siren Bund-Becker
Focus (Group 1) Lakhan Kumar
Ibrahim Atwi
Focus (Group 2) Cornelius Leidinger
Jonas Hempel
Michael Barz
Focus (Group 3) Chiranjit Roy
Oliver Jank
Pascal Ziegler
Tsimafei Zaretski
Focus (Group 4) Max Biwersi
Matthias Frauer
Alexander Bosch

Baxter Time Schedule

Please contact our HiWis to reserve slots to programm with baxter.


  • Programming Skills
  • Interest on robots and new technologies
  • Capability to creatively work in a team
  • Good English skills (Literature will be English)

Requirements to sucessfully gain a certificate

  • Giving a presentation
  • Successfully finishing the assigned project
  • Active participation in discussions during the seminar meetings
  • Being present at all seminar meetings


Bernd Kiefer
building D3 1, room 1.27
email: bernd.kiefer(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-85775-5301
Tim Schwartz
building D3 2, room +2.10
email: tim.schwartz(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-85775-5306
Ingo Zinnikus
building D3 4, room 0.69
email: ingo.zinnikus(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-85775-5362
Mohammad Mehdi Moniri
building D3 2, room +2.09
email: mohammad_mehdi.moniri(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-85775-5264
Christian Bürckert
building D3 2, room +2.11
email: christian.buerckert(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-85775-5013
Gerrit Kahl
building D3 4, room +1.79
email: gerrit.kahl(at)dfki.de
phone: 0681-85775-2866