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Dr.-Ing. Lübomira Spassova


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  • FLUIDUM   2002-01-12 – 2005-03-12
  • IRL   2007-10-01 – 2010-09-30


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Event Broadcasting Service -- An Event-Based Communication Infrastructure
Gerrit Kahl, Christian Bürckert, Lübomira Spassova and Tim Schwartz
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Location Awareness for Mixed and Dual Reality (LAMDa'12) in Conjunction with IUI'12
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The Shopping Experience of Tomorrow: Human-Centered and Resource-Adaptive
Wolfgang Wahlster, Michael Feld, Patrick Gebhard, Dominikus Heckmann, Ralf Jung, Michael Kruppa, Michael Schmitz, Lübomira Spassova and Rainer Wasinger
Matthew Crocker and Joerg Siekmann (eds). Resource-Adaptive Cognitive Processes. Cognitive Technologies Series. Springer Verlag Berlin, 2010, pp. 205-237
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Innovative Retail Laboratory - Investigating Future Shopping Technologies
Antonio Krüger, Lübomira Spassova and Ralf Jung
it - Information Technology, Volume 52, Issue 2, Oldenbourg Verlag, pp. 114-118
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Beam-Its – Virtual Sticky Notes in the Real World
Lübomira Spassova and Andreas Butz
Adjunct Proceedings of Pervasive Computing 2008
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Three Output Planning Strategies for Use in Context-aware Computing Scenarios
Gerrit Kahl, Rainer Wasinger, Tim Schwartz, and Lübomira Spassova
Proceedings of the AISB 2008 Symposium on Multimodal Output Generation (MOG 2008), April 3 - April 4, 2008, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
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Interacting with Projected Displays by Means of a 3D Interface and an Instrumented Bracelet
Lübomira Spassova
IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces
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The Virtual Room Inhabitant – Intuitive Interaction With Intelligent Environments
Michael Kruppa, Lübomira Spassova, Michael Schmitz
Proceedings of the 18th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI05)
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Product Associated Displays in a Shopping Scenario
Lübomira Spassova, Rainer Wasinger, Jörg Baus, Antonio Krüger
4th IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 05), 2005, pp. 210-211.
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The Virtual Room Inhabitant
Michael Kruppa, Lübomira Spassova, Michael Schmitz
2nd Workshop on Multi-User and Ubiquitous User Interfaces (MU3I)
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Fluid Beam - A Steerable Projector and Camera Unit
Lübomira Spassova
Student and Newbie Colloquium at ISWC/ISMAR
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Fluid Beam -- Konzeption und Realisierung eines Display-Kontinuums mittels einer steuerbaren Projektor-Kamera-Einheit
Lübomira Spassova

SearchLight - A Lightweight Search Function for Pervasive Environments
Andreas Butz, Michael Schneider, Mira Spassova
Pervasive Computing, Second International Conference
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