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Prof. Dr. Anthony Jameson


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Looking for Unexpected Consequences of Interface Design Decisions: The MeMo Workbench
Anthony Jameson, Angela Mahr, Michael Kruppa, Andreas Rieger, Robert Schleicher
6th International workshop on TAsk MOdels and DIAgrams (TAMODIA 2007)
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Learning Ubiquitous User Models based on Users’ Location History
Junichiro Mori, Dominik Heckmann, Yutaka Matsuo, Anthony Jameson
Proceedings of the Workshop on Data Mining for User Modeling at the 11th International Conference on User Modeling (K-DUUM'2007), pp. 40-49
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Assessment of a User's Time Pressure and Cognitive Load on the Basis of Features of Speech
Anthony Jameson, Jürgen Kiefer, Christian Müller, Barbara Großmann-Hutter, Frank Wittig, Ralf Rummer
Journal of Computer Science and Technology


Aaai02 Decision-Theoretic Planning Meets User Requirements
Thorsten Bohnenberger, Oliver Jacobs, Anthony Jameson, Ilhan Aslan
Enhancements and Studies of an Intelligent Shopping Guide. Proc. of the 3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing, 2005 (In Press).
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User Experience Design for a Decision-Theoretic Shopping Guide
Oliver Jacobs, Anthony Jameson,Thorsten Bohnenberger and Ilhan Aslan
Workshop on User Experience Design for Pervasive Computing, 2005

Recognition of Time Pressure via Physiological Sensors: Is the User's Motion a Help or a Hindrance?
Margeritta von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Christian Müller, Anthony Jameson, Boris Brandherm, Tim Schwartz
Proceedings of the Workshop "Adapting the Interaction Style to Affective Factors" (UM'2005), Edinburgh, UK, 2005
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Recognition of Psychologically Relevant Aspects of Context on the Basis of Features of Speech
Jameson, A., Großmann-Hutter, B., Müller, C., Wittig, F., Kiefer, J., and Rummer, R.
In Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Modeling and Retrieval of Context in conjunction with IJCAI'05. Edinburgh, UK
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An Extension of the Differential Approach for Bayesian Network Inference to Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Boris Brandherm, Anthony Jameson
Special Issue "Uncertain Reasoning", International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Volume 19 Issue 8 (Part 1), 2004
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Recognizing Time Pressure and Cognitive Load on the Basis of Speech: An Experimental Study
Müller, C., Großmann-Hutter, B., Jameson, A., Rummer, R., and Wittig, F.
In UM2001, User Modeling: Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference. New York - Berlin: Springer
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Ressourcenadaptive Dialogführung: ein interdisziplinärer Forschungsansatz
Wahlster, Wolfgang, Jameson, A., Ndiaye, A., Schäfer, R., Weis,
KI 9(6): 17-21 (1995)